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Display System

Run a cable-free, stress-free kitchen with an easy-to-use display system that streamlines your workflow.

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Designed for Flexibility & Efficieny

Features at a glance

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Print & reprint dockets anytime

Attach receipt stickers along for enhanced order accuracy & increased consumer knowledge.

Manage multiple stations with ease

Direct orders to specific preparation stations & create a more cohesive workflow.

Personalised SMS notifications

No more yelling numbers out loud! Send text notifications to customers when their food is ready or if there are any cancellations.

Never miss out on details

Allows your staff to view ticket details & history at any time, from any kitchen screen. KDS even works on your smartphones.

Recall deleted orders

Errr, deleted an order by mistake? Recall previous orders anytime.

User friendly design

Created according to WCAG standards for improved long-term viewing.

Automate your kitchen

Boost your

Never stops - Runs even when power or Wifi is down

Serve right with reliable timers & tickets

Cable free, stress free

Removes miscommunication between floor staff & kitchen 

See orders made from anywhere in one place

Color-code or flag any last minute changes

Managing Multiple Stations

Personalise the way your kitchens operate