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Empowering uniquely simple digital ordering experiences.

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We create modern and personalized experiences for tomorrow’s brands.

Technical prowess

Backed by reliable, robust, real-time data management technologies.

About us

UFO Digital Solutions is an Australian technology company that provides contactless digital ordering solutions to hospitality & entertainment venues.


Simple yet significant


We use cutting-edge technology that is the newest in the market to create a product that satisfies the craving for speed and efficiency in any business operation.


We believe the customers are at the very core of any business and we have created a product that delivers an immersive and unparalleled user experience for them.


We believe that quality doesn’t have to come at an high cost and so we do our very best to make world class technology accessible & easy to use for everyone.


Fast, simple and contactless, the QR/NFC based ordering web app uses a powerful tech stack that ensures speed in ordering on a customer’s own device without the need to download a new mobile application.


Autopilot your business with UFO I.R.I.S - Integrated Realtime Information System is the most powerful backing you'd ever need to propel your business forward with smart actionable intelligence.

Kitchen Display

UFO's Kitchen Display System provides your business with a new, magical way to effortlessly transition your manual orders into automated digital dockets, connecting your kitchens directly to your customers. KDS offers ease of use for your staff & eliminates any friction in workflow.

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why us?

What makes us different.

Our leading edge

Having the most user-friendly hospitality business management platform that allows personalisation to the core for individual venues. - Claims based on real user reviews from hospitality business owners.

Unbeatable at

Building the world's most intuitive menu management & food ordering platform. - "I could operate this even if I was 5. With just a glance, you exactly know where the next tap is." - Con Lepouris, Owner of Cafe Grounded.

No POS Required

Just getting started? With UFO's KDS, you don't need any Point of sale system. Just prepare and serve, leave the counter to us! - Customers are now pre-ordering lunch, via UFO from classroom or office. - Nuri Balabanel, Owner of Unibros, The University of Sydney.

Hospitality & Tech Expertise

Our products are designed for hospitality professionals by hospitality professionals by empathizing with similar real-life challenges. We build reliable and easy to use products using industry-leading technologies.


Using a consultative approach, we have created brand-oriented immersive user interfaces that greatly enhance the user experience and also serve as an upgrade to archaic operating systems.

Accessible Pricing

We offer accessible pricing considering the slim profits margins of our target market, disrupting the monopoly of the tech giants charging hefty dues to SMEs.

The Game-changer App in the Industry.

Features with a difference

Lets you create Promo codes, Vouchers & Discounted menu.

Accepts both cash & card payments.

Full admin control over upselling and cross-selling.

No login/signup required for customers.

No app, no downloads, 100% web-based, can be accessed anytime.

AI algorithms that learn what sells best and promotes them.

Unique access for company owners & venue management.

Realtime analytics, easy access to reports and order history.

Instant transaction within seconds from customers to your bank.

Unique access for company owners & venue management.

Graphic design for posters and NFC disks included.

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