UFO Automate

Contactless Self-Ordering



Save time & serve with smiles!

100% web-based. No fuss of downloads. Scan or Tap away.

Let your customers order when seated, in queue or even they are on on their way to your store. When it comes to integrating technology and safety, our Contactless QR/NFC based ordering is the door to knock.



We explored your concerns and built a product to help you steer your business through the choppy waters of 2020.

“I want to eliminate the inconvenience of the customer to get up and order.”

The Port Bar

Restaurant Manager

“We look forward to making a long-lasting impression on our customer experience.”

Oliver Brown
Franchise Owner

“We want something that can help us to service long lines faster and reduce wait times.”

Mad Mex

Store Manager

“We want to offer good customer service and want my staff to interact with our customers”

Pancakes on the Rocks
Store Manager

“I am looking for adding new revenue streams and pay less for new systems.”


Head of Sales and Marketing

“I want to add an extra buffer to help support my staff and operations better.”

BBT Beverly Hills

It's your brand first.


Branding, content and themes of your choice representing your business.


Menus with impeccable graphics and jaw-dropping photos that draw your customers in.


Decisions taken based on data derived from advanced analytics.

The tech capsule for hospitality

Ensure safety by using customers’ devices

Remember favourites, and previous orders

Reduce fuss of downloading an extra app!

Provide preparation time & dietary information

Schedule orders for a later collection

Flexibility in methods of payment

No more awkward gestures to call staff

More hospitality, less admin

Split bills with ease

One touch refunds

Auto-distribute orders to different kitchens

Same-time service by clubbing table orders

Save paper with digital receipts

SMS reminders for completed orders

Say no to long lines

Erase inconvenience of customers

Order and re-order from anywhere

Reduce time and human error in taking orders

Introduce another avenue for ordering

Reallocate workforce to busier areas

Add more revenue streams to your business

Autopilot your business


Promotions, vouchers and coupon codes

Discounted menus for happy hour

Custom surcharges for public holidays

Product specials for festivals or seasons


Maintain COVID register

Product advertisements and campaigns

Increased order accuracy

Display store timings and information


Power of upselling and cross-selling

Advanced analytics on your fingertips

Track trends of sales and feedback

AI recommendations of most popular

Clear & Simple pricing for all

Pay less for more!


fee per transaction

*Excludes card fee

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