Benefiting your food business from in-depth analytics.

Customer behaviour has changed over the course of time and it is crucial for business to adapt in order to remain on the top. Changing customer behaviour can’t be measured by gut instinct or past observations alone. With the every changing environment of today and with social distancing becoming the new norm, Food businesses need a new strategy to gain valuable insights into their everyday operations and adjust to their new reality.

By being able to view real-time information on key business aspects such as footfall, menu favourites, inventory management and customer feedback reports are becoming as important as ever. To tackle this very problem, we bring to you

IRIS - Integrated Realtime Information System


Data is the new oil.

Running a data-driven business ensures you are making the relevant changes and taking the crucial steps needed towards a more loyal customer base. But implementing these changes can be hard. As a business owner, amongst other responsibilities, one may not that the time to get to know a high-end analytics admin panel. Owners need reports and data that are simple enough to understand and insightful enough to make relevant and worthwhile changes. That’s where IRIS comes into play. Access to robust analytics, sales and order reports, consumer experience monitoring and category management are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what IRIS has to offer.

IRIS equips you with access to information such as:
  1. Commonly Bought Together: a way for businesses to pick products for bundles or discounts based on concrete data about what customers are frequently drawn to.
  2. Order reports as a way to see which product isn’t moving at its current price point and how it should be modified to sell better.
  3. Consumer experience monitoring based upon constant feedback
  4. 24x7 Support via inbuilt ticket generator
  5. Transaction history per chosen date
  6. Billing summary to assess ticket sizes and prices
  7. Item availability tracking for faster reordering
  8. Category management
  9. Upselling management
Premium IRIS features also offers advances insights such as:
  1. Live footfall tracker
  2. Live order status
  3. Most popular menu favourites
  4. Franchise management
  5. Revenue channels
  6. System Health

IRIS isn’t built just to measure data - it give businesses the best insights of how their businesses are performing across online and offline channels and how to push certain aspect of the business that may be lagging behind. In its entirety, IRIR offers the business owner full and better control with in-depth insights about their operations, giving them exactly what they need in the current face of uncertainty.

With the world changing at an exceptionally fast rate, no one can predict what’s going to happen next. However, with insightful data, business owners can make impactful and relevant changes with lighting fast speed to innovate and adapt in their field, while constantly being backed by real-time powerful and robust data.

To see how an essential admin panel like IRIS can help your business operations, please get in contact for a chat!