Contactless - The New Reality.

Technology is one of the greatest assets in today’s world. It intends to simplify operations in order to run overlapping tasks more smoothly. The need for this has arisen now more than ever in the restaurant and food industry. Today’s techie buzzwords - like artificial intelligence, mobile applications, advanced analytics, self ordering devices, contactless ordering - have made their way into the restaurant industry at an alarmingly fast rate.

However, this comes as no surprise. Technology has always held a strong, positive position in the restaurant industry. Its a match made in heaven! Restaurants try their best to deliver a smooth, engaging and memorable experience to their customers and technology offers all the right tools and methods to do just that. By investing in an immersive and easy-to-use experience, you are not only promising a great time for the customer while they are in your establishment, but you also increase your chances of customer loyalty and referrals.
Let’s look at some popular restaurant tech tools and how UFO can help you build them to your taste!

Contactless QR Ordering


This is the big step forward when it comes to restaurant tech. COVID-19 changed the face and future of the food industry in a snap. According to an article published in the Guardian, the United Nations stated that COVID-19 brought about the worst ever food industry crisis in over half a century. Over in USA, the losses accounted to a staggering $120B accounting for jobs lost at the time and predicted decline. COVID-19 transformed the way in which restaurants operate and a lot of businesses had to turn towards one of the latest technological tools in the industry, online ordering and furthermore contactless ordering.

QR codes have made a resurgence in the restaurant business due to their dynamic use in contactless menus, contactless ordering and integrated payments. As restaurants are moving towards a more automated future, keeping their customers’ and staffs’ safety as top priority, QR codes provide quick and efficient ordering that restaurants can use to minimise contact, save on hardware investment and streamline the dining experience creating a memorable experience for the customers. QR codes are just one aspect of how technology will redefine the dining experience in a COVID-19 future.

How it works?

Contactless dining consists of two aspects: ordering and payment. For ordering, there is a physical QR code that is printed and placed on the outside of the shop or on the counter. Customers can scan the code which will take them to a web app where they can view menus, order items and complete payments. The web app is personalised for the business, including their own branding and advertisements. These orders can be completed for delivery or dine-in. On the restaurant’s end, the order are received, displayed on the relevant kitchen display screens and then completed.

What are the benefits?

Fast. Simple. Safe.

Current COVID restrictions require restaurants to operate with a smaller capacity. At a lower number of working tables, the restaurant turn lesser tables per hour and this reduces the revenue earned by the restaurant and the money earned by the staff. For others who are in a morning rush to grab their breakfast and long lines are the greatest hindrance to entering a shop, a hugely efficient mobile ordering system speeds up the checkout process and embeds the good experience into the mind of the customer. By adopting a fast system that is easy to use and turns tables faster, the restaurant is able to increase the potential revenue and keep more staff on their employee list.

Contactless QR ordering is also very simple as it is done on the customer’s own device, which would mostly have QR scanning options in-built and does not require the extra investment on hardware or screens. Customers can use the contactless feature while seated on their table for dine-in options or can use them when in queue for takeaway. Contactless menus and ordering are currently the safest new technology in the market as they greatly reduce the number of contact surfaces such as menu cards, bills and staff contact. This promotes people to come back and dine in the restaurant that they can see is changing them selves to adapt for the future.

A Giant Leap Forward…

With the increasing uncertainty regarding COVID-19 and the constantly changing future of the industry, restaurants are now in more need than ever for technical solutions that will keep staff and customers safe while also ensuring them. At UFO, we hold the customers and the business at the heart of all our products and we believe that businesses are the extension of a vision of its owner. Contactless QR ordering is a fast, safe and efficient technical solution that will not only be personalised to your every need, but it also holds the power to transform the experience of your diners for the better.

If you feel like this is the next essential step to take for your business, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team.